What We Have Achieved

By working one on one on ground East Africa, AVA have already achieved incredible things thanks to all our supporters in a short amount of time.

Over 40,000 people now have access to clean safe drinking water.  A school has been renovated giving it a new life and children the opportunity to get an education. We’ve set up multiple community enterprise opportunities affording the local community members a chance to address issues relating to poverty and breaking the cycle. Businesses have been built and locals employed.  Children are in quality education thanks to our sponsorship program.  Policies have been established, on ground partnerships have been built, respect has been kept and underprivileged communities have welcomed us with open arms.

Community Enterprise

By empowering and educating local community members we are able to give them the skills they need to bring themselves and their family out of poverty through small business and help elevate the whole community in the process.

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Diego’s story

Diego is now in school, being sponsored by the same volunteer who found him in the slums, and works in the orphanage with Paul, mentoring and counselling other kids who were in the same position.

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Tangible volunteers

Having volunteers on the ground allows us firsthand to see how and where we can make a tangible difference to the communities and lives of the people we are trying to help. This also means we have live feedback of how we can help more.

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Joyce’s Story

Before being involved with Jessica and the mentorship program I didn’t have much going on for myself, I was sad all the time, I was anxious finding enough food for myself and son but now I have no worries and am excited for the future.

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We have many more success stories to share from how we are making a real difference on the ground and in communities through our programs and initiatives. Since we and our volunteers are so involved in the local communities we also have first hand stories of the impacts we have made from the person level, through to family and village levels, really making a difference one step at a time to reach our goals.

Tears of joy shed, and hugs given galore, goals have been met and we’re still out to do more!

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