What Our Goals Are

Our Vision

To address extreme poverty in East Africa through the facilitation of humanitarian aid.

African Volunteer Aid is deeply committed to and passionate about lessening the impact and consequences of extreme poverty in East Africa. Our purpose and mission is to provide humanitarian aid through village based sustainable, community led  projects having a measurable positive impact in communities suffering the effects of extreme poverty.

We believe poverty is a complex issue and the underlying cause is too compound to be addressed by one individual alone. Through the use of skilled professionals willing to volunteer their time to assist community led sustainable, economic development projects we are able to tackle poverty one step at a time reducing the reliance on foreign financial aid.

Our Mission

Enable positive change in East Africa through community led, sustainable program operating in the four main sectors: Agriculture, Education, Health, and Infrastructure.

By focusing on these four core areas we are able to help local communities take charge of their own future, educating and empowering them to become self-sufficient without the ongoing need for foreign aid, breaking the cycyle of extreme poverty and in due course establishing a positive future for those in needy circumstances.