Volunteer in Uganda with Education. By becoming a volunteer you can help with key education programs. We are able to ensure that children go to school to learn the skills necessary to gain employment in later life. We are also working with communities to train more teachers so these education efforts can reach more and more children every year.

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Child Care

Volunteer in Uganda in an orphanage and help destitute children live the lives they deserve as you explore a beautiful African country. Numerous deaths resulting from HIV/AIDS have caused a dramatic increase in orphans in Uganda. AIDS often leaves a legacy of infected children being born into a hunger-stricken existence, where their parents usually die before they can care for them.

African Child Care - African Volunteer Aid

Women empowerment

Volunteers interested in empowering women against gender related issues, AVV women empowerment project is a good match for you. Although women have great contribution to the African socio-economic development, in Uganda, they still remain among the most vulnerable members of the society. Women face many challenges including; discrimination, low social status, low literacy rates, limited…

Girl Women - African Volunteer Aid


The impact of education is boundless and the influence our Teaching volunteers have on the communities we work in goes well beyond the classroom. Whether teaching English, other subjects or working on extracurricular activities, the students are eager to learn and participate. Volunteers may teach independently, provide support to local teachers or team up with…

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