Which Africa Project is right for you?

African Volunteer Aid brings change to Africa through four main sectors:

  • Agriculture – Volunteers are involved in activities like reforestation, agroforestry, organic and sustainable organic farming and nursery projects. This is perfect for people who love working outdoors and in nature.
  • Education – Help with key education programs. These programs ensure that children go to school to learn the skills necessary to gain employment in later life. Also work with communities to train more teachers. Projects include Child Care,
    Women Empowerment and Teaching.
  • Health – Medical professionals and students are sorely needed. Our priority health program areas include HIV/AIDS, adolescent sexual reproductive health, and community health (mitigation of malaria and other diseases), building the capacity of rural communities in their efforts/initiatives towards improvement of sanitation and hygiene among others.
  • Construction – Work on on-going construction and water building projects in the community.
    OR work on the Community Capacity Building Program – suitable for gap year travellers and backpackers interested in helping build better community for the underprivileged to live in. Volunteers are placed with NGOs according their skill set.

By focusing on these four core areas we are able to help local communities take charge of their own future, empowering them to become self-sufficient without the ongoing need for foreign aid.

With key programs in education, we are able to ensure that children go to school to learn the skills necessary to gain employment in later life. We are also working with communities to train more teachers so these education efforts can reach more and more children every year.

By engaging in agriculture with the fellow communities we can ensure produce is harvested for our programs feasting and also allowing them to make a profit

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There are more ways than one to make an African project successful. We’ve opened up our Donations section so that you can help children in need in Uganda. These children greatly benefit from your help an start from the less than the price of 10 coffees a month.

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