How we Are Doing It

We are committed to seeing an end to extreme poverty in the communities we work in. Too long have children not had the opportunity to go to school, too long have communities not had access to safe drinking water, and too long have projects been focused on doing it for communities and not with them. Its’ a huge goal we know, which is why we feel focusing on these four strategies gives us the best chance of achieving this goal.


Eliminate extreme poverty to alleviate suffering to those affected by it, maintaining human rights and dignity. Providing measurable aid in the form of matter or logistics.


Offering humanitarian aid volunteering opportunities to those who possess the relevant skillset required to assist us with our goals in our community development programs.


Working with the communities and not for them. Giving community members the chance to address their own issues addressing poverty by utilising the skillset and knowledge they already have, leveraging it into a enterprise opportunity.


To source and provide quality education for all children in the sponsorship program. Ensuring they are achieving good results and are goal orientated.