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student in school in Uganda

How to Raise Funds Without Being Annoying

Excited about your journey to volunteer in Africa but scared about raising funds to input into the community you visit? Here are some great ways to ask your friends to donate without begging, hassling them or putting yourself in their back pocket. 1. Appeal to their highest or lowest level A recent study conducted at…

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Scarcity mindset - boys in Uganda collecting water

African Scarcity Mindset

When a person or a community or a country lives in poverty, it kills any hope for the future. They make decisions minute to minute, not expecting any real gain, just survival. Long-term poverty cycles restrict life choices to basic survival instincts. The people living in these cycles have fewer choices, less power and no…

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Person volunteering in Uganda helping child in Uganda to wash dishes

What Can I Expect From Volunteering In Uganda?

Are you looking at volunteering in Uganda and wondering what comes next? Here’s a quick rundown on how your trip will roll if you decide that volunteering in Uganda is your calling. African Volunteer Aid understands that volunteering is a pretty big thing for many people to undertake. It’s a long way from home and…

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responsible volunteering

Responsible Volunteering

Recently there has been a lot of talk in the media about responsible volunteering and ‘voluntourism’ as we see more and more that companies are putting profits ahead of making a difference in Africa. After publishing an article called ‘Orphans are not a tourist attraction’ I was inundated with emails and phone calls from people…

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volunteer in Africa

Orphans Are Not A Tourist Attraction

We want you to get the most out your time spent as a volunteer in Africa. We also want to make sure the communities you work with get the most benefit from your time there as well. Every organisation is different and a mismatch between what you want and what you get can cause a…

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African orphan

5 Inspiring Reasons to Volunteer in Africa

Spending time as a volunteer in Africa is an amazing experience. It’s a continent with unrivalled beauty and adventure. The experience is even better when you donate some of your time in Africa as a volunteer where you can live, contribute and share your skills with a local community. To help people who are genuinely…

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