African volunteer Aid has a clear purpose to bridge the gap pf poverty in East Africa by motivating
humanity to work together, celebrate our differences and have compassion for those in needy
situations. We encourage our ambassadors to engage in their community and become positive roles
models in their field of pursuit.
We are invested in growing ambassadors across our fields of pursuit to inspire and empower
members of their local and international communities to motivate change makers. Our goal is to
create a international network of emerging leaders who are committed to the future of humanity
fulfilling their potential.


Values and Behaviors

Our values determine how we have a relationship with you in your scholarship year
and beyond.

What we ValueWhat this means
Paying forwardHaving a love of mankind and showing this through practical
efforts to promote wellbeing by donating time, money and
possessions to needy causes.
IntegrityBehaving in accordance with our values and ethics
Being committed to that which is of significance or value.
DeterminationHaving a firm or fixed purpose.


Role Expectations:

Throughout your role, we ask that you assist us to achieve our goals of bridging the gap of extreme
poverty in east Africa, creating self-sufficient communities who no longer need to relay on external
financial aid.

ContextYour Role
Digital & Social Media• Participate in media opportunities that promote the Foundation.
• Acknowledge AVA in media which is not generated by AVA.
• Use social media to amplify activity of the Charity where appropriate.
• Allow the charity to use your image, story and quotes in media.
• Wear AVA branded material at media and public events(where appropriat)
•Speaking on behalf of AVA Foundation with our sponsors and/or media.
Fundraising• Participating/nominating AVA at high profile fundraising events e.g. City to Surf
• Raising money for the charity as initiated by you and agreed with AVA
• Attending and participating in AVA events when possible e.g. gala dinners, raffles etc.
PhilanthropicGathering support for the Foundation through various contacts/influences.
VolunteerOffer your time to support the charity as needed.

Whilst your ambassador agreement is for one year we are keen to support others who want to give
back and be a change maker.


As such we ask you to:

o Display the values of AVA.
o Communicate with AVA if you are taking on another role with another charity.
o Respond to AVA employees and board members in a timely manner.
o Have fun being an inspiration and ambassador!