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African Volunteer Aid brings change to Africa through four main sectors: Agriculture, Education, Health, and Construction.
By focusing on these four core areas we are able to help local communities take charge of their own future, empowering them to become self-sufficient without the ongoing need for foreign aid.

With key programs in education, we are able to ensure that children go to school to learn the skills necessary to gain employment in later life. We are also working with communities to train more teachers so these education efforts can reach more and more children every year.

By engaging in agriculture with the fellow communities we can ensure produce is harvested for our programs feasting and also allowing them to make a profit.

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Why African Volunteer Aid?

By travelling with African Volunteer Aid, you are supporting a charity that ensures all program fees are used to further develop communities in need throughout Africa. All that is deducted is your living expenses!

African Volunteer Aid has a team on the ground in Africa, ensuring every dollar is going to the communities who need it most. While many organizations exist to serve the needs of themselves and other organizations, we pride ourselves on getting into the community and truly making a difference.

Before placing you in a volunteer program, our team ensures that your skills are suitable and your time is needed. This will guarantee that your experience will be super rewarding, and the community you serve will receive the greatest benefit. Rather than spending a week handing out pencils in a school full of other volunteers, we want you to go home raving about your epic time creating massive change abroad.

African Volunteer Aid is more than just a charitable travel organisation. We work side by side with local leaders to help create self-sufficient communities by providing a hand up, not a hand out. However, it’s not all work and no play. Our team can take you on weekend getaways such as overnight safaris and national park adventures!

Our Director, Jessica Charlotte, has personally hand-picked every placement after spending time living in each of them, ensuring every community is safe for volunteers and in need of your support.

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  • We support you from the start
  • We donate 100% of your program fee to your placement
  • We’ve been to all the programs that we run
make a difference in Africa
  • Our projects create jobs in local communities
  • We specialise in African volunteering
  • We make sure you’ll be adding value when you’re placed
  • Most of our volunteers enjoy local travel after their contribution
African Volunteering Review - African Volunteer Aid
I could write for pages and pages about everything that I have managed to do on my trip in Uganda with the African Volunteer Aid (AVA), from the amazing safari at Murchison falls to being a Best Man at a customary introduction ceremony, to helping people living with HIV/AIDS at a local health center, but I really just want to say thank you for a truly amazing four weeks and for looking after me so well. You are amazing people and I will remember you forever.
Alison (26)

How our volunteers are helping right now

At any given moment, we have teams of volunteers providing vital support to growing communities by providing their money, time, and expertise.

Most recently our volunteers assisted with the building and completion of a hospital in Uganda that has been vital to the people of various towns and communities. With 308 number of beds now open to the community, children in need are receiving crucial medical attention and are being given a chance to thrive under the care of passionate teams of Doctors.

Thanks to hundreds of volunteers providing time and resources in schools, young minds are being given a chance to develop and grow in classrooms with lower than average numbers, meaning students receive personalised care and attention from teachers who are no longer overwhelmed by class sizes.

By taking part in a volunteering vacation you also bring intangible benefits to communities that otherwise feel neglected. By showing these communities that there are people who care, resolve to continue striving for a better life increases, and lifelong bonds are formed.

Currently our placements are in desperate need of more teachers, nurses, construction workers, and anyone who is willing to lend a helping hand and expertise. With our fully customised placement program, you can be sure that your time and skills will be used in the area of greatest need.