Environmental and Conservation volunteer projects are a really powerful way to use the land and environment in Uganda to its highest capacity. Volunteers are involved in activities like reforestation, agroforestry, organic and sustainable organic farming and nursery projects.

This is perfect for people who love working outdoors and in nature, the ecosystems in Uganda are really varied, with dry forests, cloud forests, rainforests and mangrove forests throughout the country.

There is also important work being done to train farmers in sustainable agriculture, like irrigation, soil regeneration, tree planting, and fisheries management.
Sustainable agriculture in Uganda is an area that really needs support and a place where volunteers are making a big difference.

There is a huge need to create sustainable farms. Thanks to the work of African Volunteer Vacations we already have one farm up and running so far, but we need to do more. The crops produce maize, potatoes, carrots and mushrooms which farmers can sell to bring vital funding to their region.

It has a massive positive impact when these communities are able to be self-sufficient, not only in produce they can use themselves, but the bigger goal, to harvest these resources for sale and income.

There are so many choices and opportunities to take on in our environmental and conservation projects:

  • Building and maintaining trails;
  • Supporting workshops and education in beekeeping, poultry management, tree planting, coffee and banana management, and conservation.
  • Sustainable energy projects such as fuel saving cooking stoves and biogas usage.
  • Assisting with ongoing projects
  • Getting hands on and hands dirty, weeding, building fences etc.
  • As well as in agricultural sustainability training and support
  • Help create gardens and distribute seeds to different villages
  • Educate communities about water, sanitation and hygiene
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